Do You Want to Build a 
Personal Brand 
& Become a Thought Leader 
in Your Space?

12-week online program designed to take you from unknown to the go-to expert in your space & monetise your expertise

I have been asked a thousand times to release the exact strategy I have used to build a 7 Figure Business & Personal brand in just a few years COMPLETELY organically & IT'S HERE!!
  • You no longer feel frustrated that you are missing out on untapped potential and income as you have designed a product, course or programme that is perfect for your audience
  • ​You design your schedule, choosing when & where you will speak and you only say yes to opportunities that you are either paid for or given the opportunity to speak to your target audience
  • ​You win more awards, and receive them with pride & confidence knowing that you will capitalise on them with PR, Social Media & grow your revenue as a result
  • ​Your ‘Featured In’ section consists of international, industry publications that represent you as the leader that you are
  • ​You spend less time on social media, posting value driven, brand building authority content & you see 10X in your conversion rates ​
  • ​You receive the phone call to come to your National TV studio, they have identified you as a role model & have selected YOU to share your message to help others​
  • ​You have been featured in all of the industry press, sharing your expert knowledge with the nation. You have truly stepped into your own & the word ‘discount’ is no longer in you or your clients vocabulary

…I have been able to unlock the exact formula for this 
and I'm ready to help make this YOUR reality...

I can tell you with complete certainty that with TLA this is possible. 

We’ve successfully done this for ourselves & if you bring the work ethic, I’ll bring the strategy. 

It’s time to step into your next phase of growth and expansion. It all starts with this decision...

  • 136 Videos, Workbooks & Templates INSIDE
  • ​Lifetime access to the extensive TLA curriculum: Tried, tested and then tested again. This curriculum is packed with videos, editable strategic workbooks and tutorials.
  • ​Lowest price ever. Lock it in now! The cost of this accelerator will be increasing. To work privately with me costs upwards of $15,000. Get my exact insights and strategies for just $1997
  • You are missing out on an opportunity to monetise your expertise as you constantly receive messages from those who want to start or grow a business in your field & you end up giving your knowledge away for free
  • ​You are fed up being frequently asked to speak at local events for no fee, and know that the value you are adding for the audience is huge
  • ​You have won an award(s) in your field. The recognition is fantastic however you feel lost as you don’t know how to capitalise on the momentum
  • Y​ou have been featured in a small publication & have recognised the huge value in 3rd party validation but you feel frustrated as you have no idea how to secure national press which will catapult your success
  • ​You are actively posting on social media & you receive engagement on your content but you are feeling hopeless as none of your audience is converting
  • ​You are feeling called as your personal story is powerful & the adversity you have overcome has provided you with insights that you feel you are duty bound to share
Through my own journey of launching numerous 7 figure businesses with zero budget, I’ve developed a signature process that took me from unknown to Multi Award Winning & the Nation’s Top Entrepreneur, enabling me to market myself & services to a global audience. 

Are you wondering how I did it?...Once I started to cultivate the power of building my personal brand, my success skyrocketed. My story went viral, I won 10 awards in 12 months & I was invited to speak on international stages

Not only did my reputation & influence grow, but the revenue followed & it continues today.

​If you want to build a personal brand that positions you as a thought leader & provides you with limitless opportunities & income potential, it is so possible for you...
Ok, so I know that if you’re here, you know that this will 100% change your life, but you might still have some questions...

I don't have an audience

Ok, let me myth-bust here for a second...

Firstly, Your number of followers DOES NOT equal your influence or income potential. If you don’t believe me, take me for example. I built a 7-Figure Business with under 2000 followers on Facebook, and that very platform resulted in over 80% of our enquiries. 

Secondly, I still don’t have the biggest audience in the universe, but I have an engaged and motivated audience & that's difference! You can buy courses from Social Media influencers with millions of followers, but remember their current reality is very different to yours, I’m still implementing these exact strategies as we speak. 

In this course, I’m not going to teach you how to build 5M followers, but I’m going to teach you to build a highly engaged & ready to convert audience, that sees you as the expert in your field and wants to work with you. 

You’ve been doing this for years and I’m just starting, can I really do this? 

You’re right, I have been doing this for the best part of 6 years. But I’ve wasted a lotta years learning what works and what doesn’t! Which means I get to share all of that knowledge with you. Skip the time & the heartbreak of trial and error learning & dive into the strategies that are already proven!

TLA teaches you how to start building a brand from ZERO. Remember, I started with no experience, no start up funds & no fancy degree. So if I can do it, you can do it too. Especially with my guidance!

I don’t have a story to share

I’m calling BS 🤪 You are an entrepreneur for a reason and we are going to dive into what that reason is and the vision you have not only for your brand but your life too!

Give me 60 seconds with you inside TLA and we’ll identify your story and the message that you are duty bound to share with the world. True story: I was on a discovery call with a potential 1:1 client and I mentioned to them that we would share their story if we worked together, they told me they didn't have one but they did and when we shared it resulted in huge success because it resonated with so many of her potential clients.

There is a formula and a process that I’ll take you through in Module 3 that’ll have you shouting your story from the rooftops

I’m terrified to put myself out there

I was too, so I totally get how you feel. Whenever I posted ‘publish’ for the very first time, I was 💩 my pants! But I did it, and now I do it everyday (and kinda love it!) I’m going to support you in getting there too. 

But I want you to remember you have a gift and it’s a disservice not to share it… if you’re feeling shy or embarrassed in sharing your unique offering with the world, reframe it in your mind. Who am I taking the opportunity away from by not offering this? Even if it positively impacts just one persons life, don’t hesitate to share your mission

TLA is designed to work through at your own pace, and you can pick & choose strategies you’d like to implement into your business. This isn’t a one size fits all, I’ll give you the tools, you choose the strategies that feel align with you.

I’m not sure if this will work for my type of business

The Thought Leader Accelerator IS for you if you are an entrepreneur or business owner who operates an online OR offline business. You can apply the strategies I teach to any brand, no matter how big or small. But if you’re still unsure whether TLA is right for you, chat with us in the chat box below. 

I’m scared this won't work for me

Having started in business at such a young age and with absolutely no money, I understand that investing in a new programme can be a daunting thought. Heck, when I invested in my first online course that cost $497, I felt sick with nerves and excitement, thinking is this going to work?

Investing in myself has become so invaluable to me that I now invest 5-figures each year into my education and development.

I don’t take your investment lightly and I would not be offering TLA if I didn’t believe this programme will change your life, the way it has changed mine.

You’re young & tech savvy

Why thank you, but really this is irrelevant to your success with TLA. 

I work with my mum everyday, and anytime we create a new product we ‘mum’ test it, which means my mum (who isn’t tech savvy at all!) will go through the complete course content & test the strategies and only give it the green light if she can implement it within our business.

Within Thought Leader Accelerator, we screen record everything & walk you through the process step by step, plus we are on hand if you need help!

You have a 7 figure business, I don’t have that type of investment to invest in Marketing & Branding

Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you were looking for the most resourceful human on earth, you’ve just found her. I built a 7-figure business with ZERO marketing funds. Even now 80% of our marketing efforts are ORGANIC!

We built everything completely organically using the exact strategies I’m going to share with you inside TLA. From organic social media content to getting featured in the media with millions of eyes on your brand, you won’t have to invest a penny (unless you want to!) 

All you need to be successful with TLA is commitment, consistency and the right mindset- no dollars required!

Heather Jackson

Today I took a leap, pushing the boundaries of my self confidence and social media skills, I posted a sales ad

Within minutes, the first positive and encouraging response came in, followed by positive interest about the product. This evening my inbox has been alive with orders and I've been sobbing tears of joy and relief.........

Thank you Liv for inspiring me to find my Brave x

Emma Lewis

I was so fed up of constantly being asked to speak at events for free, I didn't even know how to approach the organiser & ask for a budget

I have literally just been contacted by a major conference in my field, ASKING how much I charge, and I feel confident enough to ask for my $2.5K fee! All down to the changes I made on my profiles & my social content. I really cannot recommend TLA ENOUGH!

Eric Brown

I just secured my first EVER press feature with 2 more interviews scheduled in for this month!

I genuinely can't believe the power of what Liv shares! As a result of the press feature I have gained 500 followers & a 400% increase in website traffic

Heather Jackson

I've learned so much about social media, a platform which doesn't come easy to me.

Today I took a leap, pushing the boundaries of my self confidence and social media skills, I posted a sales ad!

Within minutes, the first positive and encouraging response came in, followed by positive interest about the product. This evening my inbox has been alive with orders 

Thank you Liv for inspiring me to find my Brave x

Emma Lewis

I was so fed up of constantly being asked to speak at events for free, I didn't even know how to approach the organiser about asking for payment.

I have literally just been contacted by a major conference in my field, ASKING how much I charge, and I feel confident enough to ask for my $2.5K fee! All down to the changes I made on my profiles & my social content. I really cannot recommend TLA ENOUGH!

Eric Brown

I just secured my first EVER press feature with 2 more interviews scheduled in for this month!

I genuinely can't believe the power of what Liv shares! As a result of the press feature I have gained 500 followers & an 400% increase in website traffic


Purpose, Direction & Vision

A Thought Leader leads people with their vision & passion. We must define who you are as a Brand, & what your message is for the world. Get ready we will get you clear on the direction & goals
  • 1.1 Your Purpose & Direction
  • 1.2 Your Value
  • 1.3 Define Your Vision
  • ​1.4 Your IKAGI
  • ​1.5 90 Day Goal Planner


      Define Your Niche & Ideal Client

      Thought Leaders understand their audience & clientele unlike anyone else. Let's define which niche you are an expert in & gain clarity on your unique offering & message, whilst serving the world
      • 2.1 Vision for Niche & Brand
      • 2.2 Define Your Niche
      • 2.3 Identify Pain Points
      • 2.4 The Transformation
      • 2.5 Customer Journey
      • ​2.6 Find Your Dream Client


      Like a BO$$

      Branding isn't just colours & fonts, (although we cover that too). It's the connection we build with our audience. People don't buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it, it's vital to our success to share this. 
      • 3.1 Research!
      • 3.2 Your Brand Assets
      • 3.3 Your Brand Story
      • 3.4 Your Hooks
      • 3.5 Brand Offline Positioning


      Build the Foundations

      What are most entrepreneurs missing? Solid foundations. Forget being featured in the media, winning awards & becoming a Thought Leader, without these key elements covered in this module. 

      • 4.1 Personal Brand Checklist
      • 4.2 Writing Your Bio
      • 4.3 Photoshoot Time
      • 4.4 Your Showreel
      • 4.5 Your Media Kit


      Optimise Your Online Presence

      To be a Thought Leader, you've got to present yourself as one at every touchpoint with your audience. Creating an aligned brand & a 'dialled in' online presence can be the difference between make it or break it
      • 5.1 Personal Brand Website
      • 5.2 Facebook Page 
      • 5.3 Linkedin Profile
      • 5.4 Instagram Profile
      • 5,5 Social Media Checklist


      Content, Content, EVERYWHERE!

      Want to create raving fans? Thought Leadership is the answer. I'm sharing with you our exact strategies behind our 7-Figure Content Machine: From strategy, training a team to a Top 20 Podcast. 
      • 6.1 Your Value Pillars
      • 6.2 Your Signatures
      • 6.3 Content Schedule
      • 6.4 Blogging
      • 6.5 Launch a Podcast
      • ​6.6 Video Content
      • ​6.7 Build Your Email List


      Position Yourself on Social Media

      Having built a 7-figure brand with completely organic social media content, we know a thing or two about cultivating a community on autopilot with our never shared before formulas! 
      • 7.1 Social Media Strategy
      • 7.2 Building Confidence
      • 7.3 Consistency/ Scheduling
      • 7.4 The Content Menu
      • 7.5 Designing Content
      • ​7.6 Long Form Captions
      • ​7.7 Creating Engagement
      • ​7.8 Mastering Stories
      • ​The Ultimate Tech Checklist


      Become an Award Winner

      A Thought Leader is recognised in their industry as the top in their field...but it's not as easy as just applying, there is a strategy to win. I share how I won 10 Awards in 12 Months using this exact framework!
      • 8.1 How to Find the Right Awards
      • 8.2 How to Apply
      • 8.3 Your Pre-Award Checklist
      • 8.4 Capitalising on the Nomination & Win


      Get More Speaking Engagements

      Want to make an impact to a wider audience? Speaking on stages isn't only an income earning strategy but positions you with influence and authority. 

      • 9.1 Perfect Speaker Profile
      • 9.2 How to Secure Speaking Engagements
      • 9.3  Capitalise via Social
      • 9.4 Create the Perfect Presentation
      • 9.5 Monetise Your Engagement


      Get Featured in the Press!

      3rd party endorsement is your one way ticket to the biggest opportunities of your life. I share with you how you can get millions of eyes on your brand FOR FREE.

      • 10.1 The Power of PR
      • 10.2 Becoming PR Ready
      • 10.3 How to Get Featured
      • 10.4 Cultivating Relationships
      • 10.5 Capitalise on the Feature Via Social


      Leverage Others Audiences

      A Thought Leader is well respected & well connected within their space. In this module we dive into how you can strategically align with other brands & influencers.

      • 11.1  Collaboration Over Competition
      • 11.2 Be Invited As A Guest (Podcast, Speaker)
      • 11.3 Leverage Their Audience
      • 11.4 Get Affiliates 


      Monetise it!

      You've built your profile, your name is coming up in conversation and you are finally stepping into your next level. Now, let's look at how we can monetise (& productise) your expertise 
      • 12.1  The Marketing Funnel
      • 12.2 Monetise Your Expertise: Online Course
      • 12.3 Monetise Your Expertise: Become a Coach
      • 12.4 Your Product Scale
      • ​12.5 Design Your Lead Magnet
      • ​12.6 Design Your Product
      How is TLA different to other Personal Brand & Marketing Courses?
      TLA is a proven method to raise your profile & build a profitable personal brand. We use and apply these same methods daily to build a 7 figure brand & reach global audiences

      We (literally) practice what we preach and don’t just teach you how to grow your audience, but how to properly productise & monetise your expertise

      Unlike other programs, TLA let’s you fast track the trial & error stage of trying to build a personal brand. We give you detailed, actionable instructions to help you grow and monetize from the moment you begin the first module.

      Will TLA work if I want to build a Business Brand instead of a Personal Brand?
      Yes it will. Everything we teach in TLA is the exact strategies we used to build a 7 figure Business Brand (ThePropertyStagers) The ideologies & strategy are applicable to both Business & Personal Brand building no matter the industry
      Will TLA work if I don't have a profile or brand yet?
      TLA outlines all the processes for either starting out on the  journey to raising your profile or if you already have a profile that you want to scale & monetise
      How much time do I need to commit?
      We suggest committing 2-3 hours each week. TLA is completed in your own time, so feel free to complete each module at your own pace. You’ll get out what you put in.

      A new module will be delivered to your inbox each week, with Modules 1 & 2 available immediately when you purchase the course
      How much does TLA cost?
      Right now, we’re offering $1000 off as an early bird bonus discount, so you’ll be able to lock in your spot at $1997.

      Not ready to pay in full yet? Pay in 3 instalments of $765 over the timeline of 12 weeks
      What will I learn?
      In TLA we give you all the tools to set up your profile, explode your social media presence & encourage potential clients to engage your services

      TLA provides actionable, step-by-step processes and strategies that I have used to grow a 7 figure business. This ensures you’re on the right track to grow and monetize your business.

      This isn’t your average “here’s a checklist of what you should do,” we go in-depth on how to build your brand, attract paying clients and make money. This is the exact steps I continue to use to grow my brand enlisting new raving fans every week.

      The real magic of TLA  lies within the clarity, confidence and powerful direction you’ll feel once inside the program - that to us, is priceless.
      Do I need to be tech savvy to enroll in TLA?
      Absolutely not! We have made TLA SUPER EASY to follow, with videos & PDF workbooks for every module. Everything we teach around creating online profiles & presence are on screen walkthroughs that you can pause & work through at your own pace
      Will TLA work if I don't have a business?
      TLA will help you raise your profile even if you don’t have a program or product to sell at the moment, However our programme is tailored for those who are building a personal or business brand

      To get the most out of the course, we suggest you either want to monetize your page in the future or are ready to sell programs or products now.
      What marketing experience do I need to take the course?
      None at all! Our course is incredibly easy to navigate. We will teach you everything from set-up, positioning to execution!
      Will this work in my country?
      Every method, platform & system we teach in TLA works internationally. Thought Leadership is the same worldwide, oh, and we reach over 52 countries with our brand!
      Do I need money to build this?
      No! So many of the strategies I teach can be implemented with little to no investment.